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2014 – 2021: McDonald’s

– complete organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members
– trainings for franchise partners
– special organizational research programme in the restaurants

2018 – 2021: Eisberg Hungary Ltd. (a member of Bell Food Group)

– organizational study
– trainings for the whole board (10 members)
– coaching for some of the board members

2018: Tungsram Group

– sales and project management training

2018: MÁV-HÉV Public Company (a public transport comapny in Budapest– with 2000 employees)

– organizational study
– trainings for the whole board (10 members)
– coaching for some of the board members

2017 – 2018: T-Systems Hungary

– sales trainings – in English, with Horvath Consulting Kft. – several training for managers and leaders

2017: Attrecto (a digital company with 40 employees)

– sales trainings – with Horvath Consulting Kft.
– trainings on process management – communication trainings
– business strategy adaptation.

2017: DDB Hungary (an international marketing agency)

– trainings (conflict resolution, improvement of cooperation)

2014–2016: MÁV SZK (a Shared Service Center – with 2000 employees)

– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members and managers

2014: Microsec (an IT company which provides service to full secure and convenient electronic administration – with 60 employees)

– organizational diagnosis
– training for leaders

2013: MÁV(Hungarian Railways Co. with 36,000 employees)

– development programmes, team-buildings and organizational research for top-level managers (CEO, CFO) – 22 persons

2013: MÁV Informatika

– organizational research and team-building for top-level leaders – 30 persons

2011  2012: Raaberbahn

– CEO, top- and middle-level manager development programmes (launch of kaizen, total quality management) workshops, training, personal coaching
– organizational research at whole verticum of the company

2011 – 2013: Pannon Kincstár School

– organizational research
– business planning
– workshops, training, personal coaching develop of franchise culture
– launch of new process management system

July 2011: Nokia

“James Bond” outdoor trainings

from 2010Music Trainings for

– Schibsted Hungary
– Canon Europe
– Itelligence (an IT-company with 80 employees)
– Magyar Telekom
– whole organization of Hoffmann Research International and TNS
– CEO and top-level managers of Erste Leasing Zrt.

2008, 2011  2012: 4KIDS Ltd. (
– Team Building for the management
– launch of kaizen method

2009  2010: Alstom Hungary

– complex organization development programmes, coaching, training, organisational audit

2007: Magyar Telekom Group

– social responsibility and project cooperation
– in- and outdoor training for the accounting department


University ELTE (Budapest, HU) Doctoral School of Sociology, Postgraduate Program of Sociology (contact person: Csepeli György)

Masaryk University (Brno, CZ) Graduate Program in Sociology (contact person: Csaba Szalo)

Universität Wien (Vienna, AT) Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication (contact person: prof. Thomas A. Bauer)

Universitá degli studi di Milano (Milan, IT) Dipartimento di Economia, Management e Metodi Quantitativi (contact person: Gianfranco Rusconi)


2010 – 2012: United Healthcare and Welfare Institutes (Győr)

– organizational research
– coaching for top-level managers
– executive training for the top-level managers
– strategic planning for CEO and top-level managers
– launch of new strategy for middle-level manager

2011: University of Győr

– project methodology training for lecturers and leaders of department social sciences

2011: Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights

– strategic planning programme

2007: MTV “Kultúrház” TV programme

– organizational study
– strategic planning for the editors and leaders