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from 2004 continuously: University lecturer (for MA and PhD students) and leader of workshops (for PhD students). Conference presenter and PhD dissertation opponent at Masaryk University Faculty of Social Studies, Brno (Czech Republic)

May–June 2014: workshop, training and personal development for PhD students at Univeristy of Milan , Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods. Milan (Italy)

22–23 March 2013: Art based trainging for 15 eployee of Free Sofia Tour NGO. Sofia (Bulgaria)

July 2013: “Adult education approaches to reinforcing Roma and non Roma social cohesion across Europe” workshop and leader of the Hungarian delegation Lyon (France).

29 October 2012: Lifelong Learning for Ethnical Minorities, Paris (France) Conference-presentation

17 May 2010 „Cod etic pentru prevenirea discriminării”, Balassi Institute, Bucharest (Romania) “Preventing ethnic discrimination”. Conference-presentation

March 2008: Social Care for Migrants and Minorities. International Research and Education Programme, Thessaloniki (Greece)

19–21 June 2008: “Power Relations in and around Corporations” conference: European Business Ethics Network, Lille (France) “CSR Communication of Corporate Enterprises”. (Conference-presentation)

11–12 March 2008: “The State and the ‘Others’ – Reacting to Xenophobia!” conference: University of Leipzig, Department of Political Science (Germany) “Renaissance and postmodern blooming of right-wing extremism in Hungary” (Conference-presentation)

6–7 December 2007: Equal opportunities for all – Multiple Discrimination matters. Elsinore, (Denmark)

29 June 2007: Life in Motion: postgraduate conference, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic) „Money and Space” (Panel chair); “Corporate Social Responsibility and its Background: Institutional Culture and Governance” (Presentation)

22 June 2007: European Business Ethics Network conference, Finance & Society in Ethical Perspective. University Bergamo (Italy) “Ethical Investment in Transitional Hungary”. (Presentation)

17 May 2007: Employees and clients conference. Organized by the Nadacia Pontis, Bratislava (Slovakia) “Responsibility and success Experience, opportunities and challenges in Hungary” (Plenary presentation)

March 2008: Pre-Qualification for Migrant Women in the Health and Care sector programme workshop panel leader, Thessaloniki (Greece) in cooperation with DemNet and Antigone

10 October 2006: Aktionswoche – Soziale Innovation, Vienna. Organised by the ZSI (Zentrum für Soziale Innovation and SozialMarie). (Austria) “Who Are the Multiplicators of Democracy?” Conference presentation)

October 2005: Workshop on Democratic Citizenship, University of Salzburg (Austria) Participant and leader of editing an international proposal

7–10 September 2005: European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Dublin (Ireland) “Hazing in Schools (Conflict Management and Bullying in Hungarian Secondary Schools)”. (Conference presentation)

2006–2008: Research Methodology, Corporates Social Responsibility, Refugees in Media: research courses for MA students at University of Vienna, Institute for Communication Science, Vienna (Austria)

1998–2000: project leader of ALLDIFF (All is Different) supported by European Commission Socrates Programme. Bristol (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

April 2000: World Bank Conference, First European and Central Asian Regional NGO Assembly, Vilnius (Lithuania) Panel participant

April 1999: Roma research conference with the participation of Hungarian, French, and British anthropologists and sociologists. Paris. (France) Conference presenter

21–24 June 1998: World Congress on Information Technology. George Mason University, Washington. (USA) Member of the Hungarian delegation commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

1997: Introduction into Culture of Hungarian Roma Minority. Project leader and editor of an award winner CD-ROM (exhibition and presentation at CeBIT) Hannover (Germany)